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We are a leading digital design and digitizing firm that aims to be the only choice for people who seek quality, efficient digital designs and digitizing services. We also see that we are right on track to standing out from the crowd in our industry by bringing real value innovation, excellent quality, and superior customer service. What makes us different is the trust of our clients cum business partners who are the key element of success.

Our Vision is to become “To become the only choice for people that seek quality, efficient digital designs and digitizing services.” Through instilling innovation, exceptional quality, and outstanding customer service, we hold an unmatchable position in the market. In retrospect, we foresee a bright future for our firm. The key elements that propelled our success are our clients and business partners and the unique relationship we have with both.


We at Creativity Punch have developed a strong team of highly qualified digitization experts, who are committed to coming up with a plan for each and every project in accordance with the skills and resources required. This helps us deliver high efficiency and less waste, ensuring that our projects are completed on time.
Once the digitization is done, we focus on converting the text, pictures and other sounds into a digital form that may be processed using a computer. This is also called Embroidery Digitizing.
The digitization of text, pictures and other sounds involves several steps:
1) The first step is preparing the documents for digitization. This includes scanning them in high resolution and converting them into a digital format. Then the data needs to be cleaned up and optimized for better readability by modern machines.
2) After the documents have been prepared, they need to be converted into embroidery patterns using specialized software and an embroidery machine.
3) Once digitized, they can be used as part of an embroidery pattern or stored in a database for future use by any client who needs this type of service provided by Creativity Punch.

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