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Left Chest Designs

Left Chest designs are the most in demand designs as the logos are mostly embroidered on the left chest side.It is also a job which requires a lot attention and care as the fabric type needs to beadjusted accordingly.From fabric to color, to its stitch type and density everything has to be taken care of and our team is pro at it

Chenille Embroidery

Works the best to stand out in crowd. If you are a fashion freak and would like add an extra oomph to your outfits, then chenille embroidery is the best. It works best for letters and badges as it has a different embroidery head and a specialized thread is used for it.


Applique is a design achieved by integration of an extra material or cloth into the design. Appliques are done in order to
ecrease the number of stitches involved in the process of embroidery

Jacket Backs

Fancy Jacket backs are becoming the next big obsession among the youth. It requires us to put our best creative foot forward to be able to please our clients. Embroidered jacket backs are real fun and help you to take your fashion game up.

Puff Designs

Puff designs are also known as 3D designs which are often used for designs which need an elevated or sculpted look. Caps are the best example for it. Puff designs are achieved by the use of foamin the design to give that elevated look and feel.

Cap Embroidery

Caps have a curved surface and a centre seam which makes it a challenge to do seamless embroidery on them. But don’t you worry, we have got you covered. Our team of experts knows their job well and will execute the perfect digitized embroidery.

Animal Digitizing

Kids and Adults are attracted to different animals and want them embroidered on their clothes. With our expertise we able to accurately do the animal digitized embroidery on your clothes.

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